Friday, December 03, 2004

Yikes! If Bush isn't willing to speak, who will set the record straight?

I don't think that's ever been a concern of this president, especially after revelations of psy-ops, or in layman terms, psyching CNN out with misinformation from the Pentagon about Falluja. But of course the government's lying to the journalists has always been in the public interest.

But in today's Salon, writer Dan Froomkin wonders if Bush will answer all those unanswered questions, or just answer questions from journalists.

"It seems unlikely that Bush, in his second term, will adopt John Kerry's pledge to hold one press conference a month if elected. In fact, it's entirely possible that Bush will try to hold even fewer than he did during his first term. It's not as if there was a voter backlash for avoiding the media's questions -- so why should he subject himself to more than he absolutely has to? There was a hint of this in Bush's obligatory post-election news conference on Nov. 4, when he only half-jokingly suggested that the "will of the people" now entitled him to establish more restrictive rules with the press corps. And you'll note that since then, he's only been seen in short, carefully controlled photo ops and joint sessions with other world leaders, who serve as unwitting foils."

Washington press corps take note! Sam Donaldson offers some advice in the article:

"...become more assertive..."

I admit that phrase has been plucked mid-sentence. Here is some more advice, intact:

"And they should ask better questions."


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Micah said...

This is my first time on your blog, and I'm very impressed. I fully agree with what you're saying all over the site, and I'd like to extend an invitation to everyone to visit my blog at . It is a place where young people in our community can send me an essay or speech they have written and I'll post it for them (unless they can post themselves...I'm new to the site as well) There are currently four essays there, one of which is simply Bush-bashing (I was very angry and just started writing). Please check it out, and If you would like to find out more about the Young Liberals in the area, check out the Charlottesville High School site ( it's all good stuff.

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Magnum Serpentine said...

Bush is basically a Dictator. How fortunate 9-11 happened while he was acting president. If not for 9-11 bush would not be able to generate the fear it took to get him elected in 2004. Makes me even more suspicious of 9-11.

Many christian right tried to get President Ronald Reagan to behave like bush is now. Reagan told the christian right what they could do with themselves. The christian right hates the press because they will not report their (Meaning the christian right's) view of the news and because they will not fall lockstep in behind mr. bush.

At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that, Bush is acting like a Dictaor and that only fear won him the 2004 election. I would like to add that I am from Ohio, now don't beat me up, and am totally ashamed at what happened this year in my state. But there were increasingly fewer numbers of polling booths due to republicains. and yes 'they' say that everyone voting. But bring it into the light...they did not count all the absenty ballots and how do we know for sure that everyone had a vote??
please answer mr this: WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR THAT $#@%&^*%#$@~`^&%??????????????????????????????????
WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD??????????????????

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