Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Red, the Blue... the Purple?

Check out this vision of an America that transcends red and blue. (Okay, doesn't work that way with the electoral college... And you can't see the whole map below. To do so, click here.)


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Steers and Queers said...

That post is ridiculously stupid.

First off, Bush won. Get used to it.

Other than that, the graphic is too big and it goes well outside the browser for me.

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a stupid post. I think it shows more of a reality than republicans would like people to see.

When a state is completely red people think it's completely redneck and this image helps to show everyone's vote. Everyone's vote should count so there's nothing wrong with showing the purple states.

Good post.

At 10:28 PM, Blogger The Iowa Eye said...

This is an excellent post. And my browser (Safari for Mac OS 10.3) shows it just fine, thank you.

What this shows is that few states are solidly "red" or "blue" and this isn't like the Civil War (thankfully) where states must be either one or the other.

Instead, this demonstrates that there remain gradiations of political viewpoint, just as there have always been. In my state of Iowa -- which I think may, indeed, be the most "purple" of all states -- we picked Bush by around 13,000 votes. We also reelected Sen. Charles Grassley, a Republican, by a landslide.

However, we also elected an evenly divided State Senate, which will mean Democratic control, since our lt. governor is a Democrat.

So what does that mean? Well, for one thing, it means that both sides must work together in order to accomplish anything. That's not something they have to do in Washington, but we have always prided ourselves on not being like Washington -- or anyplace else on either the East, West or Southern coast.

Here in Iowa, and in places like Missouri and Wisconsin, as well, folks will have to get over their partisan bickering, roll up their sleeves and accomplish things together.

You folks in solid red states like Utah and Alabama and the solid blue states like Massachusetts and Washington state could learn something from those of us here in the Midwest. Because if you insist on embracing the most radical elements of your respective parties, you're libel to see a third party come along -- as has happened before in American history -- and defeat you both.

At 3:15 AM, Blogger HEPHAISTOS said...

Look folks. Any discussion that addresses the issue of differences between the Republican and Democratic parties is pretty well moot. The differences are too insignificant to truly matter. Congress-- and the Senate in particular-- is a rich white man's club.

All members of Congress on both sides of the aisle owe their position to the people, the organizations and the special interests who paid for their campaigns and worked for their election.

By definition, all campaign contributors are "special interest". Even Grandma who only gave $5 to help win the election of her mayor did so because he told her "Grandma, I promise I'll appoint a dogcather who will catch the dog that's been chasing your cat and wrecking your garbage can. Are you sure $5 is all you can afford?" (Yes, this is simplistic but it makes the point).

No member of Congress has any intention of reforming campaign financing. It's simply not in their interest to do so. Whatever comments to the contrary that any Senator or Congressman makes is based on the concept of "public relations" and is intended to gain your support. (See previous statement).

It is not possible to elect intelligent people to public office when the average voter, the American electorate, those who simply believe in Democracy, fairness, honesty and so forth, is fundamentally ignorant of what Democracy, fairness, honesty and so forth really are. What we all truly mean is "Democracy, fairness, honesty and so forth "AS I DEFINE IT!" The "Ugly American" didn't die. He got married and raised more ugly Americans. Now he's retired and enjoying his ugly American grandkids.

We Americans are, in general, woefully ignorant not only of world history but of our own history. We are as arrogant and as dismissive as the man who just won reelection. John Kerry, while I believe him to be fundamentally more honest and better informed, failed miserably to address the issues that Bush handed him with sufficient force to convince enough people he was the better man. That failure is his. The consequences of his failure are our's.

If you truly want to see real change in our nation, then here are some suggestions:

1. The campaigns to elect the President and all members of Congress are to be paid for by the federal government and financed by we taxpayers. Every taxpayer shall be assessed 0.01% of their gross income on their individual tax return. With the exception of time volunteered by an individual, all other contributions or donations in any form are forbidden. Each candidate for each office shall receive the same amount of funds to spend as he/she wishes.

2. Every candidate for President and member of Congress shall write their own public speeches. Professional speech writers and speech coaches are forbidden to provide their services. (If you want to know whether or not a candidate knows what he's talking about, make HIM [or her] explain it in their own words, not the memorized and rehearsed words of a professional speech writer)

3. Eliminate the Electoral College. The President is to be chosen by the majority of the popular vote. (The Electoral College served its purpose at the beginning of the republic. Its purpose has since been mitigated by the existing political districting system in each state... that is, it has been with the sole exception of Texas).

If you've other proposals designed to help fix the problems with our election system, and don't just want to throw crap, let's hear them.

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