Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Pushing a boulder up Mt. Everest

I feel like those poor people in the Day After (1983), walking around with post-concussive despair, wondering if there really is a true tomorrow. Of course I'm being dramatic, but I'm dismayed by everything. Some things are simply true today: Bush is President and it is not a post-apocalyptic situation (although close). [I'm thinking Soylent Green here!] Karl Rove is a genius strategist (and I hate him), but he runs our country like a true pimp. Progressives and all related family members need to look in the mirror. All those red-filled States must tell you something about your messages (or lack of them). Simply not resonating with Joe Bob. And yes, youth do suck, and they'd rather watch the fucking OC than know about real issues that affect them. Madison Avenue and Viacom own them. What will I do? Party with Pop+Politics tonight. What else?!


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