Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Labor Division

"I'm for the AFL-CIO," is a stance I took a long time ago-- despite their past.

Now that the Teamsters and SEIU have decided to disaffiliate, I'm wondering about the larger role of workers' unions in the global economy. The situation, if left to our administrations, (small "a" intended) is bleak. Corporatist policy is neither Democrat nor Repug-lican.

Still, I'm hopeful (and aware that) the Labor Movement's dealing with the challenges of the global economy. In the same way they brought us the weekend-- one of my favorite bumper stickers!-- they may bring us a new era of assurances and rights for people around the world who want to earn a decent wage for a hard day's work.

Teamsters, SEIU-- I hope your move moves a worldwide agenda for unionized labor. Please, please and double-Thank You.


At 9:19 PM, Blogger The Scrutinator said...

"...despite their past." But what about their present?

If the truth is that there's a glut of unskilled labor, it doesn't seem that unionizing is going to solve it.


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