Monday, July 25, 2005

To Lie For

Frank Rich connects the dots in what seems to be an even darker murkier problem than anyone thought:

"On that evening's broadcast of ABC's 'World News Tonight,' American soldiers in Falluja spoke angrily of how their tour of duty had been extended yet again, only a week after Donald Rumsfeld told them they were going home. Soon the Drudge Report announced that ABC's correspondent, Jeffrey Kofman, was gay. Matt Drudge told Lloyd Grove of The Washington Post at the time that 'someone from the White House communications shop' had given him that information.

"Mr. McClellan denied White House involvement with any Kofman revelation, a denial now worth as much as his denials of White House involvement with the trashing of the Wilsons. Identifying someone as gay isn't a crime in any event, but the "outing" of Mr. Kofman (who turned out to be openly gay) almost simultaneously with the outing of Ms. Plame points to a pervasive culture of revenge in the White House and offers a clue as to who might be driving it. As Joshua Green reported in detail in The Atlantic Monthly last year, a recurring feature of Mr. Rove's political campaigns throughout his career has been the questioning of an 'opponent's sexual orientation.'"


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Giselle Velazquez said...

Dayum, that's hellllla evil. I expect any White House to employ mad spin on its way to a positive image, but that is just fighting dirty. The fact that it happened in July 2003 is even creepier--I don't recall the incident getting wide media airplay. I'm also a bit dissapointed that a TV reporter's sexuality was pounced on as hot news--though I expect that kind of thing from Matt Drudge, the guy who makes up for having no journalism credentials by wearing a vaguely '40s reporter hat.

It's high time folks play by the White House rules and try to unearth something unseemly about Rovie's sexuality. You just know Karl is the kinda guy who likes Bad Porn--you know, the crazy stuff you can't legally send through the mail. Look at that ugly mug:

Guilty! Guilty! Of what, I'm not sure yet, but guilty! Guilty!


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