Monday, January 24, 2005

even bush supporters are sad on innauguration day

why is it that even those who support bush; in this case, young students, can't get to the event on time because of the nefarious homeland security. exactly who are we protecting the president and all his fine men from ? last week's 11 oclock news advised that a group of teenagers who had each spent $700 to travel to d.c. to see the prez get sworn in were frisked, searched and delayed to the extent that they could not watch the main event.
the good news is that if more supporters of bush get peeved with him and join in concert with other red staters, then ahoy maties, we may have turnaround time. let those who agreed with his policy help shine the light on his contradictions, because they certainly are not inviting any liberal type to the front of the class for show and tell.
so speak up now, loud and proud if you are a bush supporter and he is letting even YOU down.!~


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