Monday, January 24, 2005


Everyday the news headlines always include a report on the latest round of violence in Iraq. Today it was, "Blast Near Iraqi Leader's Party Headquarters Wounds 10." At this point, everyday just sounds like the same old same old and I feel like I'm becoming desensitized to it all. Another five U.S. soldiers are killed. Yeah, so what else is new?

It's frustrating because I don't feel like I can do anything about it.

-Jean Chen


At 6:38 PM, Blogger Patrick Anderson said...

I feel exactly the same way sometimes. If you don't have anyone close to you in the military (which I don't), it's so easy to skim through the news and get calloused over. Sons and daughters and fathers and mothers are dying every week in the name of freedom for us and the citizens of many other countries . They come home in body bags to grief stricken families with little fanfare and only a modest amount of government assistance to console their devastated loved ones. I can't imagine how deeply they must feel the pain and horror of such a sacrifice.

This past Thanksgiving I was feeling guilty about all the soldiers dying for me (and every American). Try to imagine the courage it must take to go house to house looking for fanatical terrorists in a strange land where you can't tell your enemy from your friend. All the while, millions of beneficiaries back home are skimming the newspaper over breakfast with little appreciation for the acts of bravery rendered on their behalf (myself included). I began to visit some web sites and ended up donating some money to the families of our fallen soldiers. I also wrote a song, a portion of which is shown below. You don't have to be in favor of the war to be supportive of its victims. Here are some great support programs in case you or someone you know has an urge to make a gesture.


I don’t know who you are son
Why do you fight for me
Where do you find the courage
To keep a stranger free?
You are my action hero
No greater sacrifice
Will you survive the slaughter
Or must you pay the price?

Soldier, soldier save our butts
Thank you for your blood and guts
(You) die for me with no regret
How can I repay the debt?


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