Saturday, January 15, 2005

Do you like him?

Full of excitement and anticipation, I waited. Just as I had waited for the big Michael Jackson interview a while back, I waited to see and hear what President Bush would say in his interview with Barbara Walters. Would he hang himself as Michael had done?

As I watched, one thing became clear. No matter how disgusted, disappointed of disturbed I am by our current administration, Bush is likable.

He reminds me of the old, out of touch guys who I used to help as a bank teller my sophmore year in college. Sure they said things that made them look stupid and narrow- minded. But, you just wanted to hold their hand and explain to them how to balance a check book.

Still, it takes more than a warm fatherly quality and a great grin to run the country.


At 3:53 AM, Blogger Charlie said...

I like George Bush as well he has a calm and steady wife to. I thought he was running the country or is that when he is not showing his fatherly qualities and grinning.

At 8:09 PM, Blogger The Green Man said...

If that's an honest question, and not just a rhetorical one, I can sincerely answer "No."

I don't find him likeable in any way. He always strikes me like one of those fraternity brothers who is surrounded by a little clique of similarly over-priced snobs who don't notice people around them unless they haven't brought the drinks in a timely manner. He seems like one of the ones who believes everybody should just agree with him, not because he's saying something that makes sense, but because you "stand by each other" and "stick together" no matter how dumb it sounds. He certainly behaves like one of the ones who will Fuck You Up if you "cross" him, whatever that means today, and tomorrow the reasons might be different if he's in a bad mood.

That "great grin" always looks to me like a smug little smirk, that means "I don't care what your point is, you can't touch me". He always puts it on after he answers a question from the press, and it reads, to me, like the content of any question is irrelevant. "That reporter thought he was bein' real smart, askin' that tricky question, but I showed him", it says, "I just didn't say nothin'." It always looks like he's daring them to ask him another intelligent question, so he can blow that one off too.

He certainly is one of the best politicians I've ever seen at saying the same thing, over and over, regardless of how the question changes or someone wants to go into it in greater depth. He doesn't do depth. He doesn't like follow-ups. He gets annoyed if he's pressed, and when he changes the subject, he gives that smug smirk again, as if deflecting is clever.

I'd be afraid of him if he were my father. I'm sure he'd spend weeks or months ignoring me while he worked on something "important", then breeze through one evening and tell me how everything I was doing wasn't good enough. I don't find him "warm" in any way.

Nope. I don't like him at all. I wouldn't want to have a beer with him I wouldn't want to go fishing together, or spend a weekend on his ranch. Whatever it is that's working on you, and on all those media pundits who say he's not necessarily smart but he seems like a decent guy, I just plain don't see it.

[Let me pre-empt a few personal insults that will likely be hurled in my direction by admitting that these opinions undoubtedly say more about me and my personal insecurities than they say about Bush and his personality. I never met the guy, I only know what I see on TV. But I bet noone else on the blog is a personal friend of his, either, so our opinions are on equal footing. It's just my opinion. It's not based on anything but me.]

At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok so you dont like him, what about Condolezza Rice, because I think she is fantastic.

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