Monday, January 17, 2005

Leo's Plea

I was watching the Golden Globe Awards last night, and when Leonardo DiCaprio went onstage to accept an award, he made a plea to the audience to continue to donate money to the tsunami relief efforts. I think that's commendable, but it's a bit ironic because when he filmed "The Beach" in Thailand a few years ago, the movie producers pretty much destroyed the area they filmed in.

-Jean Chen


At 10:25 PM, Blogger Lapin said...

Hmm..probably he has no control over the pollution... anyway.

Tsunami disaster and level of the thailand beach destroyed is really heavy and earth if you read the news.

At 7:49 AM, Blogger Pontificate4U said...

I think that statement was referring to the destruction for which little lord Fauntleroy was personally responsible Lapin, like driving his Hummer on restricted beaches in National Parks and doing untold damage, but that little fact went mostly unnoticed by the media. But that's not the comment I wanted to make. I find it increasingly nauseating that I am subjected to the "heartfelt" pleadings of Leo and the likes when these Hollywood personalities are nowhere to be found during the tragedies that unfold dozens of times daily across the globe. About 50K people, give or take 10K, will die today from curable diseases and hunger. Funny I have never heard word one from Leonardo Di Caprio about the "mundane" issues of famine and disease in Africa or human rights abuses in China or Turkey. Hell I would love to hear anyone address child labor abuses that are directly responsible for many of their inflated bottom lines - Mary Kate and Ashley!! Not surprisingly musicians, NBA bigshots and other assorted media whores are cropping up everywhere to bask in the afterglow of this tragedy and all of you think it's quaint. Honestly, do you really believe the majority of these people really commiserate with some mother who has lost her son or daughter in Aceh province? No, they are too busy buying $1200 Gucci diaper bags and $200 dollar baby Ugg boots. I would love to see the research that delves into the amounts that are actually given by multi-millionaire celebrities. I bet most of you would be surprised at the hypocrisy of the Leos of the world. They have no problem lecturing us about doing the right thing while they cough up very little themselves, and what's worse, they do it for the worst reason - because their agent told them to.

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