Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sean Penn's in Iran, and You're Not

Right then, I'm only chucking this up here because I don't wanna be the last person to write about it. Monday, actor Sean Penn starts reporting (again?) from inside Iran for the San Francisco Chronicle.

SFGATE: Sean Penn in Iran, Day One

Now, there's two knee-jerk reactions that us "media types" are supposed to have to something like this:

1) This is a travesty of reporting. Sean Penn is not trained in the secret ninja arts of the journalist.
2) While most other actors are busy fornicatin' and over-dosin', Sean Penn has visited Iran and undertaken the grueling hardship of temporarily foregoing cell phone service. Truly, a giant amongst men.

Here's my real reaction: Eh. Why the hell not? Sure, just 'cause Sean Penn makes slow-moving films about stuff that means stuff doesn't make him qualified to offer unevenly written "deep thoughts" on anything. But a unique, non-journalist perspective on Iran can't be a bad thing. Sean Penn can knock himself out.

Heck, if the nice lady down at the post office decided to visit Iran I'd read that too. Actually, if the Chronicle really wants to use celebrity to sell newspapers they oughta ship that Owen Wilson over to the Gaza Strip next week. I'm not sure if Owen knows Ariel Sharon from Ariel the Little Mermaid, but readership amongst 12-18 year-old girls and people named Giselle Velazquez would skyrocket.

Owen Wilson is HOT.
Send him somewhere dangerous too!



At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely Sean Penn does not deserve to be the Jack Handy of our day. Owen Wilson, on the other hand, should be cloned for the purpose of taking over all celebrity/peacekeeping/Goodwill Ambassador roles. Things would be better that way.

At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soy latina,chilena (lo menos latina que hay) pero soy humana (lo más humana que existe) y pienso que con sólo serlo debemos sentirnos responsables de lo que estamos haciendonos y haciendo al mundo. Y desafortunadamente vegetamos en estas interrogantes: que excusas estamos dispuestos a darnos por destruir y destruirnos, ¿dime tú que estás dispuesto a hacer por preservar y preservarnos?. Sueño con los repuestas y sus ecos......


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