Monday, March 07, 2005


I've been seeing these ads and billboards everywhere and I couldn't figure out what they were for. So I finally went to the website and it's a campaign for people to drive SUVs safely. The strange thing is, it's sponsored by the Attorney General and the Consumer Protection Agencies of all 50 states.

Weird. Where's all the money coming from? Did a lawsuit prompt this campaign?

-Jean Chen


At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its government supported

At 12:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's government supported"

Correct... Sorta. 'Esuvee' is the result of a lawsuit against Ford Motor Co.; $27M going into the combined ad campaign and website.

Oh, and if your system isn't running a very fast processor with loads of RAM and high-end graphics card --- basically, if you're not using a heavy-duty gamer's box --- AND you're not connected via broadband, don't even bother trying to play the "game" on the website. I'm on satellite broadband here and running a box with 1.4Ghz processor & 256MB RAM --- not the newest, but lightning-fast download speeds and no problems with jitter or latency from streaming video --- but the game took eons to load, froze constantly, horrible jerky action... All for a glorified driver's training class. I ended up having to ALT-CTRL-DEL out of my browser, just to be rid of the whole mess.

All this so Type-A-Personality wannabes can come to grasp the concept of driving their own outsized, overweight minivans.
I won't call them SUVs, because they aren't. Here's a little test:
- Can you hose out the interior?
- Does it have a brush guard?
- Does the owner know how to engage the hubs manually?
- Is there a winch at either end?
- Is the owner likely to just smile and shrug at door dings?
- Does the tire tread style (in combination with 4WD) exempt the owner from ever having to put chains on in the snow?
- Does the vehicle NOT have the words 'Excursion', 'Expedition', 'H2', 'Navigator', 'Escalade', or 'LX 470' anywhere on it? (And is it NEVER referred to as an 'M Class'?)

If you answered 'NO' to more than two of these, it's not an SUV. It's just some honky dingbat's way of proving Freud's theories right.


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