Monday, February 28, 2005

scott peterson's pen

sentenced to death by a jury of his peers in redwood city; scott peterson may have filed an appeal to delay the penalty, but he's on his way to san quentin anyway. several news channels have picked up the hue and cry, talking to lifers in prison, who are quick to say "he's not welcome here". among those inside, there is often an unspoken code that people who mess with the lives of children are worse than any other criminal. having been accused of killing his unborn child (an issue that may create some fascinating case law for high end lawyers), many at san quentin may not feel peterson is fit company for them.
with the advent of technology and the eternal spectre of isolation (time in the segregation unit ), peterson's luck may run well. but for less than celebrity criminals, peterson is just another face in the crowd with a bad score on his chart. there is no luxury in san quentin, other than to roam the yard freely, eat meals in the company of other inmates and talk to other humans during the course of the day. if he's like the "boy next door", then tune in, this is what can happen if you take the life of another in our fair state. i don't advocate the death penalty and i do abhor public executions, but there is no reason scott peterson should be treated better or kinder than anyone inside. the only good that can come of this is that he raise the bar, so to speak and we begin discussing once again how to improve the cruel and unusual punishment inside the prison's (locked) doors.


At 7:18 AM, Anonymous debbie said...

scott i hope you are the one reading this for it is meant for you...i am not here to judge you for there is only one that will do that...i am going to pray for you and not because i believe you ..but because i don' day soon you are going to be face to face with Jesus and what will you know you can't lie to him...he knows...what if he has laci and conner right there with him...what will you say... tell the people here you have hurt so much and put through hell because of a choice you gave no one else a choice that day with your actions...don't leave this earth without telling the truth...give yourself peace..God be with you and guide you to speak the know what they say...the truth will set you free...not here on earth but free where it counts..they say Jesus forgives everything....let him help yourself and he will help you...


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