Saturday, March 05, 2005

Brenda Starr

Via Romenesko -- "Brenda Starr" well worth reading, especially the last two weeks. POTUS makes a special appearance at the pundit dinner!

Schmich takes on right-wing pundit world via "Brenda Starr"

Romenesko Feedback | "Brenda Starr"

Michael Callahan asks if Romenesko readers have been reading "Brenda
Starr," which is written by Chicago Trib columnist Mary Schmich. Callahan
writes: "For a character whose biggest concern used to be whether her
makeup would run as she dashed around the globe chasing n'er-do-wells,
Brenda seems to have matured of late into someone auditioning for a new
version of 'Crossfire.' Who knew?" TODAY'S "STARR":
( "Some journalists can be
bought as easily as chewing gum!"


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