Monday, March 07, 2005

Blogger in the White House -- This Time It's Okay

I'm currently watching the best show in Washington - the daily WH press briefing with Mr. McClellan. Today is noteworthy, not because Mr. McClellan actually says anything new, but because there's a blogger amid the WH press corp. And this time it's legit. The new guy, Garrett M. Graff, writes for a blog published by Mediabistro and is the first blogger to get press creds from the WH.

Uh, I'm listening (yes, it's painful) but I don't see Mr. Graff actually asking any questions -- given the hierarchy among WH reporters he's probably in the back anyway and won't be able to ask anything. Curse unnecessary follow-up questions! I wonder how his take on this will differ from his print colleagues.


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