Friday, January 07, 2005

Black Conservate Sucks at Bush's Teat

From the National Association of Black Journalists

NABJ Blasts Armstrong Williams-White House Deal
Calls on Papers to Drop Williams' Column

WASHINGTON - The National Association of Black Journalists calls on the White House to rebuke those in the Department of Education who used taxpayer dollars to pay off conservative commentator Armstrong Williams in an attempt to influence public opinion on administration policy.

Furthermore, NABJ is disappointed that Williams chose to accept a $240,000 payment from the administration to promote its education reform law on his TV show and in his newspaper column and not disclose that relationship to his viewers and readers, as reported by USA Today in story that ran Friday.

NABJ calls on all media outlets - radio, television and print - that feature Williams' show, use him as a TV commentator or run his syndicated column to drop him immediately.

"I thought we in the media were supposed to be watchdogs, not lapdogs," said NABJ Vice President- Print Bryan Monroe, an assistant vice president-news at Knight Ridder. "I thought we had an administration headed by a president who took an oath to uphold the First Amendment, not try to rent it."

According to the USA Today article, the Bush administration paid the conservative pundit to promote the No Child Left Behind law and wanted him to urge other black journalists to do the same.

"He's lost his credibility," said NABJ Vice President- Broadcast Barbara Ciara, managing editor-anchor at WTKR-TV in Norfolk. "He's tainted fruit. And he's unfairly indicted all commentators who have their own independent opinion, don't need a script from the administration and don't need to be paid off."

Armstrong is not a member of NABJ, but clearly would have benefited from being surrounded by journalists who have appropriate values and ethics.

"While it's clear that Williams is a talk radio commentator and has long since abandoned any pretense of being a journalist, his actions still taint those who share the values and ethics of journalism, no matter what color you are," added Monroe.

In 2004, NABJ president Herbert Lowe created an ethics committee, chaired by Maidstone Mulenga of the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, to help articulate and codify ethical guidelines for our members. The committee's report should be released in the spring.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger D. said...

Armstrong Williams gets $240k to push an issue for the White House? I gotta wonder how many others are on their payroll? Who else gets paid to push the administraions issues?

At 8:10 AM, Blogger Russ said...

And to think the numbers Armstrong Williams received from the White House to push "No Child Left Behind" were tax dollars we all paid.

Wouldn't that be the same as paying another pundit... say Ann Coulter to push something on behalf of George Bush at our expense? Just because it's about education and may not draw as much criticism is irrelevant.

At 8:25 PM, Blogger Joe Caggiano said...

Liberals themselves get money also, it's just a little more covert though. They find a cause close to their beliefs and through "friends" and others in the know and get goverment grants and other forms of funding to fund there living so to speak. All for the great Liberal cause of course. Tax money has been shoveled in this way for so many years.
I disagree with the Education Dept. doing this for sure but are you more upset about the money or the more direct way they send the message. In my opinion the old media outlets rarely defend a conservative notion. It goes against what they prefer to believe about an issue.
It will be intersting the others that will come to the suface that have taken this kind of money. Would the old media ever bring to light those of their friends that get this same kind of money but in a round about way. I hope the new media can show this kind of corruption and bring it to the front.

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Armstrong Williams with his acceptance of money to shill for George Bush, has demonstrated what I always suspected: the so-called ‘Black Conservative’ is just another misguided Negro looking for a fast-track to the crumbs from the table. The saddest part of Armstrong’s faux pas is how cheaply he sold himself. I mean, $240,000? We are talking about these new ‘moral values’ people who have again discovered ‘God’ and again have suckered a few blacks to do their heavy lifting in the black community. The people who are claiming that they are for flag, church, against ‘gay marriage’ and almost anything else that does not fit their narrow vision are the spiritual heirs of the witch-hunting McCarthyites and the ‘good ole boys’ who enforced that particular brand of American apartheid know as Jim Crow. To be a ‘black conservative’ is to place oneself in the camp of those who stand against the progress of the human species unless it is defined by their medievalist right-wing thinking. Armstrong Williams will become the poster-boy of the new Tommery.

At 1:29 PM, Blogger D. said...

Armstrong says he's not alone in taking $$ from the Bush administration. I wonder how many of these columnists get funding for their so called, "opinions" from the Federal gov't?
You gotta figure a lot of these guys can make a good living off of promoting these issues, especially if he gets $250k for saying some B.S., it wasn't like he wasn't for the proposal in the first place.
Imagine what they pay prominent columnist like Bob Novak?

At 6:16 PM, Blogger Russ said...

That's just it. Armstrong Williams got caught with his hand in the cookie jar so to speak - nothing more. Undoubtedly many more have done it and are doing it right now. They get away with it regularly too.

All these political talk show hosts, pundits, and prominents like Hannity, Coulter, and even those from the left are either pushing one message or another.

Unfortunately the information age has brought about a whole new chapter in "news" dissemination. One person's version of the news is another's propoganda - it all depends who's speaking the message and who the audience is.

I don't know what could be done about it. I do think in Williams case, he should have come out and said he was being compensated for pushing his message.

It's stuff like this that just adds to impropriety and the suspicion of it within the administration.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger William C. White said...

Government grants, loans, and other government funding is available to ALL. They are not covert, under the table, back room deals. Don’t let closet racist (read his site), like Joe Caggiano, get away with implying that liberals covertly “through ‘friends’ and others in the know” receive funding for liberal causes. Everyone receives grants, conservatives and liberals, no one cares about grant money.

The liberal causes that he speaks of are things like due process for all, human rights, voting rights, constitutional rights, and all of the other, as they view it, SICK liberal causes.

Don’t let conservatives get away with their anti-American talk.

But back to this issue, or non-issue as I see it….

If the administration gave money to Armstrong Williams to advocate a “Say no to drugs” policy would their be a problem? If the administration gave money to him to support a “Say no to violence” policy would their be a problem? So how can the administration giving money to Armstrong Williams for promoting a “Say yes to a proper childhood education” policy be wrong?

On paper, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the “No Child Left Behind” policy. The PROBLEMS arise when incompetent teachers start whining about having to produce GOOD results. I know of numerous cases where children are graduated from high school without knowing how to read or write at a FIFTH GRADE level!!!!! That is outrageous. And it’s a waste of time trying to get these same kids to do BASIC mathematics.

These teachers are getting away with producing garbage, and those are the individuals who oppose the NCLB policy. This isn’t a liberal or conservative issue. This is a measuring competence issue. People need to quit playing their US vs. THEM game on EVERY ISSUE. Grow up already.
I support the Administration, the Dept. of Education, and Armstrong Williams on this issue; and those who have read my other post know I am as conservative as Michael Moore. But this isn’t about being conservative. The administration should not apologize for this issue, but rather throw in opponents faces the FACT that a huge number of our kids are graduating with, roughly, a sixth or seventh grade education level.

For the teachers who don’t like this policy, you should have done what you were supposed to do in the first place and this policy wouldn’t exist. All of the reports, statistics, studies, etc. were done showing a need for drastic change in education. All the teachers had to do was read the reports. The problem was, most of the teachers probably couldn’t read the reports.

At 8:24 AM, Blogger Joe Caggiano said...

William, My closet door is wide open (read it). Racist, your opinion for sure. You may disagree on solving a terrible problem here in California. To the issue. This is like throwing red meat to a lion. Never has it been so blatant and so wrong. I believe these kind of ideas can win the day. There are solid ways to lift people in an everyday way. The teachers unions have opposed any changes to their way. They have been in charge during this decline. A new way must be implemented. In California alone the spanish only speaking population are not learning. Why? The rest of their day is spent in the spanish culture. Their learning is stunted by not having a grasp of our lanquage. They have no reason to learn our lanquage. They cannot learn both lanquage and basic learning in one day of school. The solution here may be teaching them in spanish. This would put many teachers out of work. Do you think the union would ever go along with that kind of change. NO WAY!! I want these people to learn so they can be productive members of society. Teaching in spanish is the only way now. Racist, hardly

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This Negro for Rent!": Great essay on Armstrong Williams by Farai at . I chuckled so much I read it twice! And then bookmarked it for future laughs.

But, let me tell you all, Armstrong Williams was a cheap Black SELLOUT *lonnng* before he 'went down' on his knees like a cheap street corna' ho for George Dubya. After all, it wasn't Dubya's teat that Armstrong was suckin' at for chump change.

Now, for all the white folk readers, *that's* one definition of a "neegro" for you: an easy black sellout, especially for relative chump change.

--Joseph from Berkeley

At 12:10 PM, Blogger Patrick Anderson said...

Farai-Help me. I really don't get the point of slinging the kind of low end comments I'm reading in this thread, inspired by your essay "This Negro for Rent." What Armstrong Williams did was despicable for sure. And I'm not opposed to taking a shot at hypocracy. But why the pornographic gutter tactics and demeaning racial broadbrushing? If you are trying to influence opinion, aren't you doing yourself more harm than good? Please, what's the point?

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At 12:43 AM, Blogger rokkgod said...

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