Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Importance of Being Viral

Advertisers know that us Generation X-Y-Z folks are way too smart to fall for celebrity endorsements or catchy jingles. Let us play with a subservient chicken or a cheerful digital stripper, though, and we're all yours!

For the un-infected, viral advertising refers to sneaky word-of-mouth marketing that unleashes a catchy website or video on the unsuspecting online public, and lets it spread through word of mouth. That bizzare-o website featuring a man in tacky chicken suit obeying your every typed command? Burger King ad. That pseudo-comedic video clip of a cat being decapitated by a car sunroof? (Ill-advisedly) a Ford ad.

Here's the latest article on viral promotion, spurred by a Gap website that lets you dress up--and then dress down--exhibitionist little Sim-like characters.

San Francisco Chronicle: A Different Way of Selling Clothes

My favorite viral marketing site is undoubtedly the Subservient Chicken. Sure, I know it's a vain attempt on Burger King's part to make me choke down their emetic burgers. But damn it, I love asking Subervient Chicken to Go-Go Dance! Get down!


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