Friday, February 11, 2005

The Pink Slip has Arrived

Pink Slip
Here's the understatement of the year: "I don't think it is appropriate that under these conditions, that I represent my department." This was pseudo-American Indian Ward Churchill's statement after he was forced to resign the chairmanship of Colorado University's Ethnic Studies program. The leftist professor was canned Monday for comparing the victims of the WTC disaster to "little Eichman's," a reference to Adolf Eichmann who helped carry out Hitler's plan during World War II to exterminate Jews in Europe. Churchill complained that "they (the WTC victims) worked for the engine of profit," but chose to ignore their roles.

Meanwhile, the "Native American-in-law" claimed by no tribe and avowed enemy of capitalsm loses $18,000 in annual salary, and will be
Ward Churchill

forced to scratch out his unprofitable socialist existence on just the $90,000 he receives as a tenured professor. Sadly, Churchill will also be deprived of the $3,500 speaking fee he negotiated with Hamilton College in upstate New York after they cancelled his engagement. That's unfortunate. He would have had a chance to hear the polite applause of some nice New Yorkers as he told them directly to their faces how they, too, deserved to die at the hands of homicidal terrorists.


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