Thursday, October 20, 2005


"Makers and sellers of fast food won a weighty victory when the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to approve the so-called cheeseburger bill, which would bar lawsuits from obese Americans who accuse the industry of making them fat."

What do you think? Should people be able to sue McDonald's for making them fat? It seems silly to be able to do so, but then when you take into account all the advertising that makes fast food seem like it's a healthy choice, then I start to wonder.

The best part of the article is this:

"But the sponsor of the Personal Responsibility and Food Consumption Act, Rep. Ric Keller, R-Fla., a portly man who admits a passion for junk food, was not on the House floor for the vote. He was hospitalized Wednesday so doctors could install a heart-monitoring device.

Keller spokesman Bryan Malenius said that Keller has cardiac arrhythmia and that the congressman's medical condition is "not cheeseburger-related -- but I do see the irony."

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- Jean Chen


At 12:40 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

I don't think people should be able to sue for that. Whatever happened to personal responsiblity and common sense?

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