Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Touch-tone screens, 3 strikes, and stereo thieves!!

So today is the big day. I have to admit it, all day I have had this weird nervous-excited feeling in my tummy. After all this is the most important election of our lives right? I mean, that's what all the super-aware, first time voting, never had anything political to say in their lives celebrities have been yelling, chanting, singing and rapping to me for the past six months. But, I'm just wondering, isn't all the fuss maybe evidence that the 2000 election was pretty important too? Well, better late than never.

My voting experience went pretty smoothly. I reviewed my voter info book this morning, made myself a cheat sheet, and drove to the Baptist church up the hill from my house in Hayward, CA and voted. I know there is a lot of debate about the touch-screens but I dig 'em. I wore my black baby tee with the white house and an "approved by the 19th amendment" stamp on it. Oh yeah, I also wore my favorite earrings, because it is a special occasion. Only my second presidential campaign, I was 18 in 2000. I am still excited that I CAN vote - hope I never lose that!

Even though my car (Snoopy) was broken into last night, if the losers who did it are caught and it's their third offense they may not be punished under the three-strikes law thanks in part to my vote this morning. Not sure how I feel about that. It's like everyone is against the death penalty until a family member is killed -OR against mandatory minimums in drug cases until someone is selling to their kids. Moral of the story: we have to think about the BIG PICTURE! Sure I am pissed off at whoever molested my vehicle but do I really would I really want to put them away for life?

Sabrina Ford, student, journalist, Bay native and all around groovy chick!


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