Tuesday, November 02, 2004

What the heck is going on here?

Well, we're conducting one big experiment--how to do a big group blog for a special event, in this case, election day. Hopefully this will turn out to be such a fabulous idea--with brilliant posts and insta-community--that we will do it again and again.

Here's an email we sent out to potential contributors... you could be one!



One of the clear winners in this election--the only clear winner, for now--is technology. Election 2004 saw the rise of the blogger; the increasing use of email organizing for voter registration, education and mobilization; and the proliferation of animation, graphics, and humor distributed online.

Now it's your chance to have your say.

PopandPolitics.com has launched a live, interactive, real-time forum for telling the story of election 2004.

Check it out here: PandPElex.Blogspot.com

The whole point is your participation. You can email in your personal story or observations from going to the polls; mobilizing voters; or monitoring the election. (And if you're one of those people with a web-enabled PDA, you can do it from anywhere.)

Some of you may have received invitations to join the blog via Blogger... email is easier! But the email-to-blog function was down, now fixed just in time for the big day.


Here's How You Email-to-Blog:

email the blog at: PopandPolitics.Vote@blogger.com

your header will be the header for the post

your email body text will be the text of the post

It's that simple!


some notes:
1) we want to know who you are! the technology isn't going to automatically ID you. So at the bottom of your email give us an ID, like:

Farai Chideya, Berkeley, California
Farai, Berkeley, California
A California Voter Hoping for the Best

2) if you have an automatically-generated ID tag or other gunk at the bottom of your email, you can delete that stuff, or put


at the end of your text, so the other material doesn't post

3) this experiment is only as good as the folks participating, so please lay off the ad-hominem attacks, profanity, blah blah blah. we're all grown-ups. (well, actually, it would be cool if kids posted too....)

4) you can also comment on other people's posts. just go to the site (http://pandpelex.blogspot.com/) and look at the bottom of the posts. You'll see how many comments each item has, and by clicking on the comment line, you can make a comment yourself. making a comment keeps similar thoughts together in a flow, rather than scattering them throughout the blog.

5) feel free to distribute this email widely. we want to hear from people around the country--especially in battleground states--and around the world.

Be well,
Farai, Jean, and PopandPolitics.com


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