Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Country Critics

So I guess it's now ok for country musicians to criticize Bush. This is from the Daily Dish:

McGraw Will Run for Office

Country singer Tim McGraw has decided to run for elected office, after being appalled by president George W. Bush's response to last August's Hurricane Katrina disaster.

McGraw and his wife, singer Faith Hill, are urging fans to vote Bush and the Republican party out of office during the next election.

And he has vowed to personally make a difference, just as soon as his children have finished their education.

He says, "I think that public service is a high calling.

"I would do it. I would never do it until my children are grown.

"If you're in a position to be able to make some changes and do some things that you think are right, if you have that opportunity it is an admirable thing to do."

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- Jean Chen


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