Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blogging for Wal-Mart

From the NY Times:

"Under assault as never before, Wal-Mart is increasingly looking beyond the mainstream media and working directly with bloggers, feeding them exclusive nuggets of news, suggesting topics for postings and even inviting them to visit its corporate headquarters."

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- Jean Chen


At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Admin said...

The people that received information from a PR firm were not paid nor did they receive anything other that some links to some stories.

The same tactics used by the PR firm are also the same tactics that NT Times uses on a daily basis. So pleezzzeee....

What is missing from this story is the corporate campaign by the unions against Walmart. If they can't get the Wal-mart employees to unionize they are trying another old strategy of propaganda, regulation accusations, along with the help of the pro-union media (which the NY Times author is a member of). What people fail to realize, is that this doesn't hurt Wal-mart. It hurts the hundreds of thousand of employees trying to earn money for their families.


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