Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Economic Sanctions

From Yahoo News:

"British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday that Western countries were likely to seek economic sanctions against Iran after Tehran restarted its nuclear program but Iranian leaders said they would not curtail the research even in the face of sanctions."

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How do folks feel about this? Sometimes I wonder if economic sanctions are the answer... When we had them against Iraq for ten years in the 1990s, it only seemed to harm Iraqi citizens. Over a million Iraqis died because they didn't have adequate access to medicine, clean water, etc. And clearly Saddam Hussein didn't care. And look at Cuba. Fidel is still in charge and the only thing sanctions have done is deprive Cubans of daily necessities.

- Jean Chen


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sanctions won't provide deterrence; they make poor people hungy and sick. Iranians like us now. Will they after 8 years of sanctions? No. We'll see what Condi has up her sleeve.

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous John Osborn said...

Sanctions are the prelude to an armed conflict if anything else. Its obvious that the United States, Israel, and several EU members would like to have "regime change" in Iran, especially since Iran is the most powerful military power in the Middle East next to Israel.

Unlike Iraq, Iran CAN defend itself from an invasion. Iraq, facing ten years of economic sanctions, could do nothing when George W Bush decided it was time to strike.

Iran, if sanctions are instituted, will slowly cripple that country and open it up to attack.


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