Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Paid to rap about Big Macs

According to the ALL HIP HOP website, Mickey D's has offered to pay rappers who mention Big Macs in a hit song. I mean I'm all for rappers fattening their pockets but commercials inbedded in the lyrics!? Rappers have been shouting out product in songs for quite some time - "My Adidas," "Air Force Ones," "Pass the Courvoisier" - but this is different. Corporations are now approaching rappers and offering cash for these mentions. Am I the only one a little weirded out by this.

Read it for yourself.


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Marquita said...

I'm not weirded out at all.

When I heard "Pass the Courvoisier" or however you spell it, my original thought was: I hope he got a check for shouting out a product like that.

If rappers are gonna shout out products anyway, why not get a check for it, especially since people like Bill O'Reilly are hindering them from getting traditional endorsements?

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