Monday, October 16, 2006

no freedom for Freedom

The FBI has a new target -- the Filipino Community. There are Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist cells in the Philippines, which isn't news, but the feds are now targeting Filipino activists in northwestern US as supspected terrorists.

On October 4, Freedom Allah Siyam, a Seattle Filipino activist changed his name from Gotcho Cupp in 1998, had feds come to his house and question his mom with a long list of names of suspected terrorists. The wife of political emcee Geologic of the Blue Scholars was also on the list. Siyam isn't even Muslim; he put Allah in his new name because it's Arabic for God and he wanted to "keep God to [his] goals and aspirations."

According to the news report:
In 2005, a family friend told Siyam that he'd been questioned by Homeland Security agents who'd asked whether Siyam was leading troops of youths into the Philippines to convert them into anti-American Muslims.

Read the full article for more FBI fear and paranoia.


At 11:32 AM, Blogger CRStaley***Young American Conservative Voice said...

I'm sorry if you are a Radical Muslim living in America you should expect some Government Agencies keeping an eye on you....Why would we not...Lets stop taking these subjects out of text and realize that this is done for Americans and their safety.


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