Wednesday, October 04, 2006

free speech ain't cool on college campus

Rapper Kamikaze, one half of Crooked Lettaz with rap star David Banner, sparked a student boycott at Milsaps College in his home state of Mississippi. What did he do to outrage the campus kiddies? As an invited performer for "Sexual Awareness Week 2006," he bashed bush.

During an interlude in his set, the rapper made comments about current U.S. president George W. Bush, infuriating members of the audience.

"I prefaced it by saying 'I know that a lot of you, or some of you, won't agree with what I'm saying and you're entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to mine'," Kamikaze told "There is a real strong Young Republican contingent at this school."

In his speech, the rapper accused Bush of pursuing oil and engaging America in a senseless war in Iraq, and also insisted that the government lied to start the war.

Of course, the young republicans didn't take too kindly to this and responded with a letter, claiming his statements were "tacky, senseless and an absolute, astonishing, explicit blasphemy of the sitting President of the United States; an act that represented the worst that Millsaps College could offer to its students..."

Oh look, the letter's right here... (and it features choice lines such as: "The Student Body Association along with the Socializing, Acitivities and Programming for Students Board (SAPS), has no use for your shameful, adolescent and worthless viewpoints of our leader..." You read it right: the Milsap SAPS were offended by criticism of "their leader"!).


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