Wednesday, October 11, 2006

american twinks

So, hey, why isn't President Pervez "Mushy" Musharraf of Pakistan afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (ie, terrorism generally and al Qaeda in particular)? Is it maybe because he's secretly on the side of Osama in the War on Terror? Or maybe because he's a Muslim living among Muslims in a combative part of the world and so isn't hypnotized by the exotic unknown and has got some perspective?

Spinning off Mushy's recent appearance on the Daily show, Daryn Cambridge explored the idea at his blog:
Two weeks ago, Jon Stewart interviewed Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. After discussing the multiple assassination attempts on Musharraf's life by Al Qaeda forces, Stewart said to Musharraf, "You seem to be at the forefront of the [terrorist] threats, yet you seem much calmer about it than we [Americans] are." President Musharraf confidently replied, "Yes, I am." The audience immediately chuckled at the irony of such a statement. The President of Pakistan-- having survived two separate Qaeda attempts on his life and presiding over one of the central national arenas in the global war on terror where Osama bin Laden is perhaps residing and planning future attacks -- is less stressed about the terrorist threat than we are in America. Stewart, equally perturbed by the irony, brought his head out of his hands and took a giant bite out of one of America's most recognizable symbols, a twinkie. At this moment, Stewart and Musharraf, albeit briefly, elucidated the stark contrast between what is actually happening and how we are choosing to react. Our perception of the current global situation can be altered and tinkered with by politicians, who can strongly influence the way our media portrays a story…


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