Friday, September 08, 2006

our CEO president

What comes of government streamlining? Private firms get hired to act in the government's place. That arrangement has a nice ring in the mouths of small government "let the market decide" advocates, but it doesn't always work out so smoothly in practice. Our tax-payer billions have bought us an inefficient mess of a War on Terror, for example, one overseen by our "CEO" president. Bush's heavily nongovernment-corporate-contractor-conducted war is more evidence that exposes the "small government" philosophy as fantasy.

No one likes "big government," or at least all the bloated bureaucratic inefficiencies the term implies, but there's too much the government has to do today to not be pretty damned huge: managing security and business and economics and the environment and workforces and science and health and disease across states and nations and continents takes a great deal of resources, including people.

You want to find out how our business-style "small government" works, how it undercuts fiscal responsibility and almost all of the other kinds of responsibility that define democratic rule? Robert Greenwald's new film on the war, Iraq for Sale, takes a stab. At the website for the film there are links to supporting investigative pieces all published today to coincide with the film's release, including one at alternet and the American Prospect and Colorlines.


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