Friday, September 01, 2006

Former FEMA director Mike Brown says Bush told him to lie...

Mike Brown took the blame for the government's lack of action during Hurricane Katrina last year, and was removed from his position as FEMA director. Bush's old buddy Brownie is now saying he was a scapegoat and Bush told him to lie:

O‘DONNELL: So let me get this clear. Someone in the White House was telling you to lie?

BROWN: Well, yes. They give you the talking points. Whenever you go out to do any interviews they always have the talking points. Here‘s what the message for today is and here‘s how we are going to spin everything. That‘s just the way Washington, D.C. works and that‘s just wrong.

Read the full transcript from his interview on Hardball (you gotta scroll down to the bottom to find it, sorry).


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