Tuesday, September 05, 2006

and the award goes to Mos, in jail!

So Mos Def got thrown in the clink last night for his guerilla concert outside Radio City Music Hall, which was hosting the gala Video Music Awards. Mos was out there singing the "Katrina Clap" in a flatbed truck before New York's Finest hauled him away. Here are some of the highly sought after lyrics (thanks to these guys):

Listen homie, It's dollar day in New Orleans,
It's where there water everywhere and people dead in the street

And Mr. President he 'bout that cash,
He got a policy for handlin' the bruthas and trash,
And if you poor you black,
I laugh a laugh, they won't give when you ask,
You betta off on crack, dead or in jail, or with a gun in Iraq
And it’s as simple as that,
No opinion my man it's mathematical fact,
Listen, a million poor since 2004,
And they got illions and killions to waste on the war,
And make you question what the taxes is for,
Or the cost to reinforce the broke levee wall,
Tell the boss he shouldn’t be the boss anymore (or or),
Ya'll, by any means

It's dollar day in New Orleans,
It's where water everywhere and baby's dead in the street
It's enough to make you holler out,
Like where the fuck is Sir Bono and his famous friends now,
Don't get it twisted man, I dig U2,
But if you aint about the ghetto, Then Fuck You Too,
Who care bout Rock N' Roll when babies can't eat food,
Listen homie that shit ain't cool,
It's like dollar day for New Orleans

Feel that Katrina Clap!
Let's make them dollars stack!
And rebuild these streets,
God save these streets,
God save these streets,
God save the soul,
Feel that Katrina Clap!
See that Katrina Clap!


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