Tuesday, August 22, 2006

mexico way

The presidential election recount-standoff and protest-crackdown in Mexico continues and has spread to Chiapas, where votes cast for the governor's seat are now also being recounted.

Election protestors have thronged public spaces. Riot police have been shooting people with water and real bullets. There are videos of political personalities involved taking bribes, fleeing to Cuba, stuffing piles of US greenbacks into bags, going on gambling sprees in Vegas. Leftist presidential candidate and ongoing election contestor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Mexico's Al Gore for now) is sleeping in a protest tent in Mexico City's main plaza. And it's all been going on since election day, July 2nd.

The rural poor and Mexico City voters cast their ballots for change, a politics high on social and economic justice. The wealthy north and its business leaders voted for liberal trade and low taxation, an economy pinned to the benefits promised by NAFTA and the course pursued by current president Vicente Fox for more than a decade.

Heightening the drama is the fact that where a large part of the rest of the world has been turning to the right, Latin America has been moving left. What will happen in Mexico?

Unfortunately, you won't find a whole lot of answers in the US English-language press... Blogs are best, including the two embedded above. Other good links, anybody?


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