Thursday, August 03, 2006

get thee to youth hostel now!

The recently proposed Abe Lincoln Study Abroad Act seeks to increase the number of American students studying abroad to one million. That's a five-fold increase over 2003-2004, when 191 000 American students studied overseas. Watch out world! Imagine the expanded expat scene in Bali!

In an open letter to the President, Dick Durbin, senator from Illinois and one of the authors of the act, wrote: "The United States is a military and economic superpower, yet it is continually threatened by a serious lack of international competence in an age of growing globalization. Our lack of awareness is now seen as a national liability." ...Um, yeah.

The question is whether the president, who had never left the country before taking office, will take the not-so-subtle suggestion and sign up for a semester abroad after his term as Decider-in-Chief ends. I guess it's never too late for anyone to gain perspective on their country. I propose we revive the Real World by getting a camera crew to follow W around wherever he decides to go. "Yeehaw. How d'yall say terrorist in Greek?"


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