Monday, August 21, 2006

American Apparel Apparently Assholes

I don't have beef with American Apparel's ads. You can call me a perv if you want to but that amateur porny dirty roach motel bed series looks kinda hot, and at least it's better than fake-boobied airbrushed models, and it's no worse than other ads.

The problem with AA, it seems, is their violations of workers' rights and the fact that company founder Dov Charney is a pervert who has had several sexual harrassment charges filed against him. (Since when is holding meetings in your boxers inappropriate?), a corporation watch web service based on wiki software founded by Bernard Dolan and Sage Francis providing folks with social responsibility profiles on corporations, has just run an in-depth feature about American Apparel. Turns out, the folks at AA saw their negative rating on and challenged Bernard Dolan to come to their LA headquarters and talk to employees. So he did. And this is the result.


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