Monday, August 21, 2006

9/11: hollywood vs. real life

In World Trade Center, one of the movies based on 9/11, PFC Dave Thomas is a hero who, after hearing news of the terrorist attack, takes it upon himself to strap into his military gear and head to ground zero to help out, starting a search and rescue mission with Sgt. Dave Kearnes. The movie tells his heroic tale with a slight inaccuracy.

In the movie, PFC Dave Thomas, is white. In reality, Sgt. James L. Thomas, upon whose story the character is based, is black. I'm sorry, did I say slight? I meant someone screwed up big time.

How the producers failed to get a physical description or consult him in the making of the film is beyond me. After all, one of the key elements in any physical description is skin color. Maybe a heroic tale about American unity and patriotism just looks better in white? Had this been a story about a fugtivie, I'm sure they would have gotten the ethnicity right.


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