Sunday, July 23, 2006

like oil and water

In his MySpace blog (reprinted on Davey D's forum), Phonte of Little Brother details his experience performing at a southern hip hop festival alongside pop-rap stars Three Six Mafia, Rick Ross, Dem Franchize Boyz, and others. Now for those not familiar with Little Brother, they're, well, in Phonte's words: "three college educated niggas who ain't trappin and/or reppin one particular hood or housing project = The Cosby Show in the eyes of most niggas....real talk."

While most of the other artists at this event make repetitive, catchy, pop-rap that follows the current standard of crunk, Little Brother make conscious hip hop. In fact, their concept album "The Minstrel Show" was a spoof on black artists being forced to put on a show. Their music surely clashed with the collar-poppin, white-tee wearing fans. But did they get booed off stage? Nope, not even that. What Phonte feels was much worse...complete silence.

"I really wonder sometimes if my music is that 'intelligent' or are niggas just that dumb?"

Read more as he analyzes and breaks down today's rap fan.


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