Wednesday, June 28, 2006

turn it off already!

Who gave U.S. Marine Corporal Joshua Belile permission to (1) compose music (2) play the guitar (3) sing in public (4) do any of those things in front of a digital camera and (5) even sort of resemble mega-cool Pixie’s dude Frank Black? Ugh. Yet another case of bad decision-making on the part of the officer class in Iraq!

So now this guy's lousy folk song "Hadji Girl"-- a crude thought-dream of cultural incomprehension-- is flying around the internet all over the world. The image of Belile above was pulled from a Russian website. I can't read any of the words around the photo but I don't think any of it is good.

The only course of action is a court-martialing and then a showering of the offender with nonstop high-volume recordings of his own bunk singing and strumming-- a no doubt cruel and unusual punishment but as Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld would justify it: "Hey, this isn't some nice guy we're talking about here."


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