Wednesday, June 21, 2006

save screech!

North Korea is testing missiles, Dan Rather quit, but screw all that...Screech is about to be homeless! Say it ain't so!

Dustin Diamond, who as "Screech" on the early 90s teen comedy series Saved by the Bell, provided millions of kids with years of afterschool cornball humor (and if you wake up early enough, you can still catch reruns on TBS). In fact, I'm willing to bet this is old news to most of you but, like every former child star, he's broke and is losing his home and is selling t-shirts to raise money to prevent foreclosure at

He's also selling banner "brick" spaces for $1,000, so I guess he's losing his mind too. He's been leading a campaign to get his home back. He was recently on the Howard Stern show and has been getting a lot of unnecessary press (like this blog posting).

I don't know what's worse -- Diamond's situation, or that people as pathetic as myself care. But hey, the man kept us entertained in our adolescent years and taught us how not to dress -- the least you can do is buy a t-shirt.


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