Friday, June 16, 2006

mainstream hip hop tackles serious global issue: Cristal champagne

In a recent issue of the Economist, the managing director of Louis Roderer Cristal, an expensive and popular champagne favored by millionairre rap stars, announced that the company's association with hip hop is "negative attention." Now Jay Z is boycotting Cristal after already giving them years of free advertising from name-dropping it in most of his hits.

"Cheap" Cristal starts at several hundred dollars -- the average rap fan can't afford it. The only people who've been getting played this whole time are rich materialistic rappers who've been giving free advertising to and supporting companies that don't care about what they represent, and at the same time encouraging fans to foolishly throw money away. (I had a friend who bought a $600 bottle of Cristal for his wedding. A $12 Korbel woulda done it for me.) This is just a repeat of the Hillfiger incident years ago when it was announced he didn't want minorities to wear his clothes while Wu-Tang and others kept referencing the brand in their song.

With as much pull as Jay-Z has, he's going to boycott a damn champagne company?! I mean, I'd feel stupid too if I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars only to be slapped in the face but damn Jigga, ain't there something IMPORTANT to protest?

Hopefully this will be a wake up call for all of the rap stars who should be putting money into the communities they came from and the ghettos they glorify rather than multi-billion dollar companies who laugh while they make money for them. (Slavery's never been this easy -- they don't even have to crack a whip!) Let's hope they don't just switch back over to Dom P.

If you have no idea about what this blog is about, here's a detailed article from 2004 about hip hop and champagne. Read and laugh/cry at the ridiculous amounts of money they spend.


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