Sunday, June 25, 2006

a huge government victory?

I don't know how this went relatively unnoticed but it was reported on June 15 that the Supreme Court ruled that police no longer have to knock on alleged suspects' doors when issued a search warrant.

The article on claims this new ruling to be a "huge government victory." Really? Who does this benefit?

The difference between knocking before kicking your door down and just storming into your house unannouced may not be that big but it raises concerns about privacy, intrusion and excessive force.

Yesterday cops had to knock, today they're just barging in, tomorrow they're throwing grenades through your window.

And if I was a cop, I'd be pretty concerned about my safety going into a suspected criminal's house unannounced. You think he's gonna offer tea and crackers? Or grab a gun and shoot at the intruders, like anyone who had their front door kicked in by a group of armed men would do? Someone's getting shot and killed, like these unfortunate victims of police screw-ups. (WARNING: viewing this list of innocent men, women, and children may cause you to dig up your Ice-T "Cop Killer" cassete and drive to the nearest police station with a baseball bat and molotov cocktails.)

What's worse is that with Justices Alito and Roberts sitting on the Supreme Court, this is just a taste of what's to come.


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