Friday, June 16, 2006

Booty Check

Earlier this month our friends at playahata blogged the opening of World Cup in Germany and the racist nature of soccer in Europe. Included was a mad time-lapse photo of Toni Braxton singing the grand opening number with the stiff opera quartet Il Divo. Braxton was fantastic and not just because her tiny skirt ended up flapping over her waist in the breeze while, unfazed, she tried to push it back over her naked curves, referencing for all the world as iconic an American pop-culture moment as there is: Marilyn Monroe standing over the windy subway grate in the Seven Year Itch.

The takeaway: although the political "head" of our culture may be estranging the world, our pop-culture "booty" is busy reminding everybody what they still love about us. Yaaay Toni! Thanks for that.


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