Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not an easy exit for 2006 seniors

Roughly 48,000 high school seniors might not graduate in 2006, because they didn't pass the California High School Exit Exam.
However, a group of advocates is suing the state of California over the issue, claiming schools have not adequately prepared those students and they should be allowed to graduate.

THIS argument claims that the education system has failed those students, and they should be allowed to graduate regardless of exit exam results.

THIS piece claims that educators should stick to the standards no matter what.

What I'm wondering is, why did it take so long for folks to file a law suit? The exit exam has been around for several years, and all educators have known about the 2006 deadline all along. Why wait until the last minute to raise the issue?
And, keep in mind that the test consists of 8th-grade level math and 9th- and 10th-grade level English.

And, the pending lawsuit doesn't adequately address the needs of English Language Learners, who make up a large portion of those 48,000 students. THIS article addresses the issue.


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