Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No more 'Chef' on South Park

Isaac Hayes, the baritone voice behind the famous "Chef" character on Comedy Central's popular animated show "South Park," quit the show because of its INAPPROPRIATE RIDICULE of religion.

Hayes, who won an Oscar for composing the music for "Shaft" and is a devout Scientologist, had stuck with the show for nearly 10 years despite jabs at his faith and high profile believers like Tom Cruise, not to mention un-PC jabs at just about everything under the sun. Apparently he was ok with voicing a character who sang songs about sex to young children, was a womanizer and believed in aliens.

Perhaps Hayes is deeply concerned about the recent violent, political uprisings over cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammad. Maybe the Church of Scientology stiff-armed him into leaving the show because it is offensive.

Or maybe Hayes is just scared of being associated with dissenters. Or, maybe he's too busy implementing Scientology-based programs in inner-city schools.

Not afraid to join the camp of dissention, fellow Oscar-winner actor George Clooney this week dissed the DEMOCRATS for confusing dissent with disloyalty and not speaking out more against the Iraq war.

Let's get Hayes and Clooney to hash things out on the next Larry King Live. Osama Bin Laden's NIECEcan mediate the discussion.


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