Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Damn, Dems! Where y'all at?

I've got a new campaign slogan for the Democratic Party:

"Unsure? Can't Make up Your Mind? Miss the Boat and Hang Out With Us on the Dock of Indecision!"

Or how about these fun alliterations:

"Disinclined, Diffident Dems"
"Disconcerted Donkeys!"
"Be a Dem: Dawdle with the Best of 'em!"

HERE IS the latest example of the Democratic Party's reluctance to appear strong, consistent and clear about its politics.

And, HERE IS an interesting argument for a new Democratic mission.

But I digress. Remember "screaming" Howard Dean? The guy's been pounding the pavement and arguably making a difference for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY


At 7:46 AM, Blogger TW said...

I'm a Democrat, so I am certainly biased, but one reason the Dems seem to many that they are having trouble formulating a united front is simply because the Democratic party is such a fragmented group. Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Rights, NAACP, Academics, PETA, Elite Liberals, and Minorities are just a few of the groups that are predominantly democratic. It's hard work getting all of these "factions" to unite behind a common message. In contrast, Republicans seem more willing to unite behind whatever they're current leader is saying. (Of course, that has changed a bit of late on issues like immigration and the Dubai Ports deal). Republicans also have a relatively simple platform: flatter taxes, anti-abortion, states' rights, conservative spending (although Bush has strayed from the last two issues here). In any case, it's a shame this country only has two choices at the polls. Politicians would be less willing to bend to special interests on both sides of the isle if more choices were made available to voters.


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