Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Nooo, Viruses are supposed to be for PC's!!

It's true, the first mac viris has been detected. So long are the days of gloating about our virus free machines to problem stricken PC users.

The worst part of the ordeal is that the virus is spread throught instant messenging programs. Looks like wasting countless hours on iChat each day is more destructive then I thought. Not only am I being unproductive, I am making myself succeptible to getting my preceious macintosh sick.

All you mac users, click here to learn more about the viris.

But come on, virus or not, Macs are still better then PC's any day!


At 1:10 AM, Blogger Jaz said...

Absolutley. I couldn't imagine using a PC.

Apple itself has taken some steps towards dissuading hackers from tweaking its operating system or finding loopholes, particularly in light of the release of its new Intel-based OS. Hidden inside are anti-hacking messages, such as "Don't Steal Mac OS X.kext", and more notably, an embedded poem, which reads:

"Your karma check for today:
There once was a user that whined
his existing OS was so blind
he'd do better to pirate
an OS that ran great
but found his hardware declined.
Please don't steal Mac OS!
Really, that's way uncool."
(C) Apple Computer, Inc.

I agree, at least for now, no more IChat.
I await Gmail to expand it's new internal chatting feature to include Mac users.


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