Thursday, October 20, 2005


On Monday, the NBA announced that basketball players must dress in business casual attire. The league banned items such as sleeveless shirts, shorts, sunglasses while indoors, and headphones during team or league business, according the Associated Press. And if they don't follow the rules, they will be benched.

So in hip-hop gear is allowed.

I think this is ridiculous and borderline racist. I'm sick of white America trying to mold minorities into "non- threatening" creatures who look, think, walk, talk, and act like them.

People see a tall, black basketball player, in a gold chain and baseball cap and automatically they think of a criminal. However, the problem doesn't lie in the basketball players wardrobe, it lies in how white America perceives them.

Don't change the way the players have to dress, change the way people think.


At 11:53 PM, Blogger Thomas Martinez said...

Have you ever considered that the NBA might be trying to maintain an air of professionalism at courtside? In no other professional sport would you find players on the sideline sporting as much bling as P.diddy. I can't even think of another sport where players are allowed to wear anything but their jerseys or a sports coat if they aren't in the game.

The state of the NBA is a sorry one at best. It's the only sport whose home is firmly rooted in every semblance of this country, stretching from the poorest ghetto to suburban middle America, yet none of these people can even afford the absurdly over-priced tickets.

Instead of the people who derive hope, desire, and passion from the game game it's the new york buisness man or the managing exec sitting in the stands. Hell, they don't even stop the music while the game is being played. The NBA isn't a sport anymore, it's a specactle. God forbit they try to restore some dignity to the league.

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