Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lots of children left behind

No Child Left Behind makes me feel like a schizophrenic. One minute I'm laughing about it, the next I'm infuriated by it.

President Bush, despite lackluster NCLB progress results released this week, is convinced the federal policy is making a difference in public education.

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings said this today:

"We have more non-native speakers, there are lots of so-called at-risk, hard-to-educate students, and in spite of that, steady progress is being made," she said. "We're on the right track with No Child Left Behind."

"IN SPITE" of non-native speakers, at-risk and hard-to-educate students, we're on the right track? ok, now I'm infuriated.

First of all, why is our Education Secretary using hurtful, meaningless and antiquated terms like "at-risk" and "hard-to-educate?"

Secondly, why are we trying to improve public education "in spite" of students whose primary language is not English? How effective can NCLB be when our policy makers are indifferent to students' needs?

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