Tuesday, September 27, 2005

One sad Iraqi soldier cocktail, please

At a noisy bar recently, gin and tonic in hand, a friend of a friend of mine spoke to me about being instructed to kill small children during her recent tour of duty with U.S. forces in Iraq.

“We’re trained to keep going, no matter what, so if some kid comes running up to our truck as we’re driving through a town, or if they are just in the way, we’re given orders to run over people,” she said.

A young woman in her twenties from Southwest Colorado, she said Iraq was the single-most tragic experience in her life. Iraqi people, she said, are constantly running up to U.S. military vehicles carrying grenades or guns, so soldiers must handle the situation by removing potential dangers.

Since they don’t always know why people are approaching them or their vehicle, they have to take action, because their job is to complete their assigned mission, she said.

I’m not reporting this as fact, just reiterating a friend of a friend’s experience.

READ THIS To see how the war is affecting Iraqi children.


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