Friday, September 30, 2005

FBI - the new assassins

72-year-old Filiberto Ojeda Rios, leader of the Boricua Popular Army (a Puerto Rican independence advocacy group in Puerto Rico) and US fugitive wanted for the planning of an armored car robbery in 1983, was finally tracked down by the good ol' fuzz on September 23.

According to this article "Ojeda Rios was alone with his wife in their home in the rural southwestern Puerto Rican municipality of Hormigueros, near the city of Mayag├╝ez, when scores of FBI agents stormed his property, unleashing a rain of bullets. According to reports, at least 100 armed agents were involved, backed by helicopters and a squad of military sharpshooters brought to the island from Virginia."

100 armed agents, helicopters, and sharpshooters? With that much manpower, you'd think he planned the 9/11 terrorist attacks and not an armormed car robbery. (Meanwhile, Bin Laden's still living like neanderthal man, squatting in caves.)

Though American news sources claim he fired first (maybe he threw Amadou Diallo's wallet at them?), they don't deny that the agents left him to bleed to death after he suffered a single non-fatal wound (Autopsy: Rios Didn't Die Immediately) . After going military ambush on Rios, they surrounded the perimeter of his home for 24 hours before going in under the suspicion that the house was rigged with explosives, denying access to emergency medical aid.

Justice is served once again, American style.

-zoneil maharaj


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