Tuesday, August 16, 2005

this is the future?

It's 2005 and we still don't have flying cars. I still don't have a jetpack or jetboots. I thought I'd be living like George and Elroy but we're still stuck with the internal combustion gas-guzzling engine. "Hybrid" cars are making their way into the car market but are often overlooked by most consumers who'd rather have that flashy SUV so they can look good while complaining about gas prices.

Cheer up broke dreamers. Although automakers insist that it will still be years before we break away from using foreign oil and cutting down and pollution, some are taking matters into their own hands. While guys are tricking out their "choppers" on the Discovery channel, there's a guy hot-rodding his Toyota Prius with extra batteries so he can get more mileage. A UC Davis engineering professor has been building hybrids since the 70s, including one that gets 250 miles per gallon. So why won't the auto industry take some notes and start producing efficient vehicles that will get the job done?

Read article: 250 Miles Per Gallon Stuck in Garage


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