Friday, August 05, 2005

safety first

Kids, look both ways before crossing the street and girls, rub gel on your vagina before sex...

A new miracle gel to prevent HIV, unwanted pregnancies, and other sexually transmitted diseases (and infections) could be available in as soon as three years, since scientists still haven't developed a successful vaccine. The gel will be make birth control pills and condoms obsolete. It gives women more control over shady sexual partners who don't like wearing condoms because the women simply applies the gel on the area that requires treatment and voila, instant AIDS-be-gone!

The article doesn't mention whether it's a 100% successful combatant of diseases, but it is discussed as if it will be the end-all suckerpunch for spreading AIDS. The product is in the test phase already. Even if it works, will it be cheap and available for everyone? Will health insurance cover it? HIV/AIDS medicine is a multi-million or more likely, a multi-billion dollar industry; I doubt that they're going to let something that might dramatically decrease the spread of HIV go so easily.

Also, what social effects will it have? Will it just be an excuse to not use condoms? Will there be less unwanted kids? 3 out of 5 people reading this were an "accident" (I just made that statistic up, but I could be right). Or will there be more unwanted babies? (Girls lying to guys talkin' bout they're on the gel just to make him her baby daddy and get his money.)

I don't know about all these medical "breakthroughs." How bout scientists try devoloping "cures" instead? That might work better than gels.

-Zoneil Maharaj


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